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Chinese Lunar Calendar

The Chinese Lunar Calendar to determine your baby's sex was taken from a 700 year old Royal Tomb near Peking, China. The original document is on display at China's Institute of Science. Many thousands of people believe that this calendar is 99% accurate. It's based on the month a baby is conceived not the birth month. The second factor is the mother's age at the time of conception adding 9 months to her age to adjust the calendar.

To use this calendar:

  • Take your age at the time of conception and add 9 months to it.

  • Locate that number on the left-hand column of the calendar.

  • Locate the month that your baby was conceived across the top of the calendar.

  • Follow the two coordinates to where they intersect. Blue for a boy, cream for a girl (no gender branding intended).

Click here to view the Chinese Lunar Calendar


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