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About Us

Breathing Space is dedicated to helping mothers achieve physical and spiritual health and wellness. We strongly believe healthy families and communities start with healthy women who are engaged in enriching and loving relationships with themselves and their baby.

An escape from the daily stress of our busy lives, Breathing Space provides a peaceful place where new and expecting moms can nurture their mind, body, spirit and baby to set the stage for confident parenting. We encourage mothers to open their hearts and observe their life force as they breathe deeply, find emotional and physical comfort, and focus on resolving issues to enjoy a satisfying and peaceful existence.

Breathing Space offers weekly thought-provoking articles on nutrition and wellness and practical tips for meditation and yoga exercises that will keep her fit and focused as she copes with the demands of caring for her baby and body. Breathing Space is committed to helping every expecting mom build a solid foundation of inner strength while cultivating a connection with her growing baby.

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