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Your Complete Baby Shower Guide

Hosting a baby shower can be very fun and rewarding, especially when the guest of honor is a close family member or friend!

For fun baby shower ideas and tips on proper etiquette read our baby shower articles to guide you through this event planning process.

Baby Shower Planner
When planning a baby shower there are many details a host should take into consideration, including the mom-to-be's due date, baby shower etiquette and what type of baby shower the expecting mom might prefer. Read the article

Coed Baby Showers
Despite what many women may think, men might feel honored by the invite and excited to participate in the baby shower, solidifying the importance of welcoming both men and women. Read the article

Baby Shower Etiquette
As a host or hostess you should know that no steadfast rules exist, but traditions and proper etiquette can act as guidelines to help you plan the baby shower. Read the article

Baby Shower Games/Activities
All work and no play make guests a dull bunch, so be sure to plan a few baby shower games and activities for your guests to enjoy. Read the article

Baby Shower Games and Favors
Here are some fun ideas for games to play and favors to pass out at your shower. From the clothespin game to the baby word jumble, these games will keep your guests entertained. Read the article

Baby Shower Gift Checklist
Use this great baby shower checklist to keep track of the thoughtful gifts you received at your baby shower. Read the article

Baby Shower Registry Wish-List
Here is a list of important items you may want to have for your new baby. Read the article

Baby Shower Sign Up
Here's a list of common tasks a mom-to-be needs help with. Read the article

Baby Shower Themes and Favors
Baby shower planners should not be afraid to combine a hodge-podge of ideas to create their own unique theme tailored to the fit the needs of their party. Read the article

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